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Hi! I’m Amy. And this is where I’m supposed to tell you how I went from zero to a million dollars overnight all from FB Ads. And that I’ve discovered some ‘secret’ formula that can do the same for you.

But the truth is…that’s not how it happened. Not even close.

I’ll save you all the long, boring details (including a few 9-5 jobs that drained my soul and a failed retail business), but I will tell you that I started Social Lab Marketing in 2014 with no website and no clients.

I only had $5 a day to spend on FB Ads (and even that was pushing it because I seriously had ZERO clients).

But that $5 a day made all of the difference.

It took a lot of bad ads and a LOT of mistakes, but I finally started to figure it out.

And then one day something magical happened…

I opened up FB to see a message from someone that wanted ME to run their FB Ads because they saw one of my FB Ads.



That little FB Ad is literally what got my business off the ground. And over and over I've experienced what FB Ads can do for a business when they're done the right way. 

Now I’m lucky enough to travel, work, and play full time with my husband (yup, he’s part of the Social Lab team, too). But more importantly, we get to work with some of the most badass clients that are having a HUGE impact in the world. And that makes it even better.

We've managed over $50 million in ad spend for clients and we helped our clients do amazing things like…

  • Grow their business from a few hundred dollars a day in sales to over $20k in sales a day just from FB Ads.

  • Help build their business from 6-figures to 5 million (and still growing) allowing them to move their small business out of their home and into an incredible new space and hire their dream team.

  • Launch their online program to a bigger audience generating $778k+ in sales from FB Ads.

  • $90k in sales from $5k in ad spend on a simple flash sale.

  • Launch their new membership site that generates over $30k/month.

I am absolutely blown away by the work they do and the impact they have. And I’m so proud and humbled that they took the leap and not only invested in FB Ads, but in working with us.

And I love that we get to play a role in helping these entrepreneurs get their brilliant work in front of more people because they are truly doing great work and changing lives.

Because it's about so much more than FB Ads. It's about reaching more people with your work so you can have a greater impact.

And that's why we're super picky about who we work with. We believe in using FB Ads for good and we only work with businesses that truly make a positive difference in the lives of others.

We've only taken on a few select clients over the last year (all by referral only), but as the team grows we'll have a few spots for new clients.

Think you want to work with us 1-1? We love to work with people that...


✔️ Already have an established business and you know who your clients and customers are.

✔️ Have a course or program that you're ready to take from 5 figures to 6 figures (or 6 figures to multiple 6 figures).

✔️ Have an eComm store that you're ready to scale. We LOVE working with eComm shops especially in the health and beauty space.