Launch with FB Ads

Discover how to go to from ZERO to your first 5 figures (or 6 figures) launching your online courses and products using FB Ads. 

Imagine if you could…

  • Have a rock solid system so you know exactly what ads to run and when so they have the biggest impact on your bottom line.
  • Feel confident knowing you’re not just throwing money at another fancy marketing tool, but instead know you’ll have a greater ROI.
  • Stand out as the go-to expert or authority figure in your niche, setting yourself apart from the crowd and attracting your dream clients.
  • Double or triple your income in as little as a few weeks, while working LESS!
  • Get your work out to a much wider audience, so you can FINALLY earn more money while making a massive impact.

That’s what your FB Ad Launch Formula will do for you.

✔️ Stop trading hours for dollars where you end up burned out and not serving your clients to your fullest potential.
✔️ Finally break through the income ceiling because you can only work with so many clients in a month.
✔️Start sharing more of the brilliant work you do with more people so you can finally have a greater impact.

Your FB Ad Launch Formula Will Show You EXACTLY, From Start to Finish, How to Find More of Your Ideal Clients + Sell More of Your Products with FB Ads.

Here's what you'll get when you join: 

Session #1: Planning Your Launch for Success

  • Creating Your Launch Calendar: so you know exactly what needs to happen leading up to, during and after your launch for maximum ROI.
  • Creating Your Launch Checklist: so you don't miss any important steps and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • How to Map Out Ease Phase of Your Launch: knowing what happens during each phase of your launch and what your budget will be is crucial for success. At the end of this session, you'll have a full launch plan for your FB Ads so you feel confident knowing you have all of the pieces in place.

Session #2: How to get your audience excited for your courses and products before you even launch.

  • Step by Step how to generate new leads for your launch + get your current audience pumped up and excited for all of the amazing content you're about to share with them.
  • How to write copy that converts in under 10 minutes (even if writing copy isn't your thing).
  • How we use non-traditional creative to make our ads stand out in the News Feed.

Session #3: Generate More Buzz During Your Launch

  • Ever wonder what ads you need to run during your launch and in what order? We're going to break all of that down in this session.
  • The most effective way to target your audience during your launch so you're always front of mind.
  • The best types of ads to run so you generate more buzz and excitement (messing this part up can cause your ads to fall flat and your sales can suffer).

Session #4: Get Those Sales!

  • You've opened the doors to your new program -- now what? We'll cover the exact ads to run so you can boost your sales.
  • Re-targeting strategies that are crucial for converting more of your followers into buyers while spending LESS on your FB Ads.
  • Ad Creative that converts followers into buyers: I'll break down the most effective re-targeting ads you can use during your launch to generate more sales.

Session #5: Tracking Your Sales

  • How to pull simple reports: so you know which ads converted into sales and what your ROI is.
  • How to analyze your best performing ads so you know which ads worked and what didn't (this will also make planning your next launch so much easier!).
  • How to improve on your launch for next time (so you know exactly what to fix to generate even more sales in your next launch).
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