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What to do if your FB Ad Account is Disabled

This seems to be an issue I’m hearing more and more about. And at first, I just assumed that if your ad account was disabled, you were doing something you shouldn’t be doing. (But you know what they say about assuming…) So that’s what I thought until it happened to one of my clients. We had her ads up and running for a few days before we got an email saying the account was disabled…..

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No more promotional posts (why it's a good thing)

Facebook sent a lot of marketers into a freak out frenzy this week when they announced they’re doing away with promotional posts. Technically, you can still post them, Facebook just won’t show them to anyone. But you know what I think…it’s great. Awesome. I love it. Because I’m tired of seeing all the promotional posts in my feed, too.

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Things to look out for when hiring a Facebook Ads Manager

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about her experience with Facebook Ads. The story goes...she hired someone to help build her page and promote her upcoming webinar. They promised her likes and emails for pennies a piece. She could have thousands of new fans and add hundreds of new people to her email list for almost nothing. It sounded like an awesome deal so she signed up. What she ended up with was a Facebook page full of spam bots, junk accounts and people that would never really buy from her. Sure she has over 10,000 fans, but maybe 2,000 of those are actually interested in what she has say. She also ended up with a few hundred people on her email list that are never going to buy from her. It was a total waste of money.

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