NEW! Page Post Engagement Audiences

You already know you can target the fans of your FB page...and that's pretty cool.

But Facebook is taking it up another notch. Have you seen this yet? 

Now you can create an audience from anyone that has engaged with your Facebook page, clicked on an ad, commented on a post - even if they're not a fan of your page.  Keep reading to learn how....

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Don't want to lose the social proof on your ads?

You’ve got an ad that’s performing like crazy - you’re getting lots of comments, likes and shares. And now you want to create new ad sets (maybe you want to test some new targeting groups), but you don’t want to start from scratch with ad that has zero comments and likes.

You already paid for all that engagement so you might as well use it to your advantage.

Here’s a quick trick that will let you use the same ad in different ad sets. Can we say hello, social proof???

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5 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Ad Cost Low During the Holidays…

So here’s the deal -- competition is going to be CRAZY over the next few weeks. All the big guys are going to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars a day on their ads. 

And there’s only so much room in the News Feed. More competition means higher ad cost.

So what do you do? Keep reading for my 5 best tips to make the most of your ads this holiday season...

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How to Create Crazy Effective Retargeting Audiences on a Budget

Let's talk about re-targeting. It’s one of those buzzwords that floats around in Facebook tutorials and blog posts. Everyone wants to know how they can use re-targeting ads on Facebook. 

The problem is, you need time and a decent budget to build your e-mail list and website traffic to a point where you have a custom audience that's large enough to retarget.

I'm going to show you how to create a crazy, effective retargeting campaign even if you're just getting started and have a small budget...

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Lessons Learned from Managing $200k in Monthly Ad Spend

Feel like you're missing out on some crazy secret formula and that's why your ads aren't working? 

The good news is, there's no such thing. 

It all comes down to having a plan, a good idea and some patience (ok, maybe a lot of patience). 

So here are my biggest lessons from managing over $200k in monthly ad spend on Facebook... 

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