Want to know what goes on inside the FB Ads in a Weekend Community?

Each month I host a special training for member’s only to go over what’s working now. I share examples from campaigns we’re working on, updates and features that are rolling out and any trends that we’re noticing. 

In September - we talked about creating an opt-in that converts. In this training I share my best tips for creating an opt-in and some of my favorite examples of what’s working now. And you can watch it for the next 48 hours. 

Want to learn more about the FB Ads in a  Weekend Community? 

Think about this for a minute...
• You're consistently adding new leads and subscribers to your list.
The result is a captivated group of people who not only sing your praises, but they also pick up what you’re putting down.
• Your next webinar is full of people that can’t wait to learn from YOU!
And more importantly, buy from you (because you’re good at what you do and it’s time to get the word out).
• Your clients come to you. No more cold calls and chasing down referrals and leads (because cold calling is the worst).
• You’re done watching general tutorial videos or taking another 6 week program. You’re ready for personal guidance and instruction on YOUR specific project.
• You’re ready to invest your money into a solution with actual, measurable results. And a whole new set of skills that bring you more business.

When you learn how to do Facebook Ads and do them the RIGHT way, you can build your list faster, get more people signed up for your webinars and sell more of your products or services. 

Don’t waste time and money on ads that don’t work: 

Join the Facebook Ads in a Weekend Community and you’ll get: 

  1. LIVE Facebook Ads Workshop - September 30th & October 1st so you can get your ads up and running now. 
  2. Ongoing Monthly Training and Q&A so you’re always in the know. 
  3. Private Facebook Community so you can get the support and feedback you need to make your ads a crazy success. 
  4. LIFETIME ACCESS. I teach this course LIVE twice a year. When you enroll in Facebook Ads in a Weekend, you get access to the most current class, monthly trainings AND the updated trainings when I teach them LIVE in the Spring and Fall. No additional payments. You’re in for life. 

Have a question about the course? Email us here: hello {at} sociallabmarketing.com

What People Have to Say About Facebook Ads in a Weekend: 

Before I started working with Amy, I was totally confused with how to use Power Editor and wasted over $600 on Facebook Ads. Since joining FB Ads in a Weekend, I know how to setup my ads so they are converting and at the right cost. I use Facebook Ads in my business all the time! I'm growing my list with ease and I'm able to get traffic and signups to my webinars quickly. Amy is the best when is comes to Facebook Ads and I recommend this course to everyone!
Petra Foster, PetraFoster.com

Before taking Amy's Facebook Ads in a Weekend course, I had no clue how to run an effective ad. As a solo-preneur, I don't have the resources to hire a firm to run FB ads for me. What Amy's course allowed me to do was learn enough about FB ads and how to use them effectively to know when it makes sense for me to run FB ads. More importantly, I know what type of FB ads are likely to be most effective for me. Amy's hands-on support during the course meant I could get my ads up and running, she was there to help when I got stuck setting up my ad. I would highly recommend Amy's Facebook Ads in a Weekend course to other small business owners - it's a great way to learn if FB ads are right for you, and if ads are right for you - get them up and running to grow your business.
Patty Hankins, BeautifulFlowerPictures.com

This was my first time using Facebook Ads - and I was terrified of getting ripped off by an "expert." But Amy is the real deal and will never leave you hanging. FB Ads in a WKND blew me away - I learned so much in the weekend training. Then Amy stepped up her game and continued to offer hands on support. Through our private Facebook group, Amy was there for me long after I completed the program. She helped solve problems, answer questions, and gave me feedback while I ran my ads. Tremendous life saver and money saver for sure!!
Corey Ann Seldon , AlegriaSupport.com