What to do when your ads don't work...

It’s annoying isn’t it? You upload your ads and they just sit there. No action, no conversions and before you know it your whole budget is gone. It’s also really frustrating because you put so much time and money into creating your ads and it isn’t always clear why they aren’t working.

Before you give up (or waste anymore money) let’s talk about why they aren’t working and what you can do about it.

Issue #1: Your ads aren’t getting any action and Facebook is still spending all of your money.

The Problem: If your ad isn’t getting any clicks that means it’s not getting the attention of your audience. So it could be a problem with your copy, images OR targeting. I know that doesn’t narrow things down much so let’s break it down…

Solve it: Take some time to look over your ad and brainstorm ways you can make it more effective.

Is your copy compelling enough to get people to click? Keep it simple and straight forward. Tell them exactly what they are going to get if they click your ad. What’s in it for them?

Is your call to action clear? What do you want them to do? Download your ebook? Sign up for your webinar? Like your page? Then tell them and make sure you include it in your copy.

Does your image stand out from all the thousands of other images on Facebook? Test out a few different images. You can try an image of yourself or a really cool stock photo.

And take a second look at who you’re targeting. Can you switch up your targeting to see if you get a better response from a different group?

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Quick Tip: Start your ads at $5 a day so you’re not wasting money on ads that don’t work. Facebook is going to spend your money whether your ads work or not. Once you have an ad that is working, you can up your budget.

Issue #2: People are clicking on your ad, but no one is converting.

The problem: The good news is you’re getting their attention. The bad news is there is a disconnect some where. Either your call to action isn’t clear or you have a problem with the page you’re sending them to.

Fix it: If you’re sending people to an optin page or sales page, make sure the look and feel of your landing page is the same as the ad.

This is the first step in building trust between you and your audience so don’t give them a reason to doubt you and click away.

You also don’t want to promise one thing in your ad and then send them to a page that says something completely different.

So make it easy on yourself and use the same copy from your landing page in your ads and try to keep the look of your ads similar.

Issue #3: You’re attracting the wrong people.

The Problem: Your ads are working, but you notice that once they’re on your list or a fan of your page they don’t do anything. They’re not engaging and they definitely aren’t buying.

Fix it: Pop over to Audience Insights. There’s SO much valuable information in there. You can figure out how engaged your group is compared to the rest of Facebook. You can also see if they’re likely to buy online, their income level and what they spend their money on.

You can also find new pages or interests to target that will be a better fit for you and your business.

Learn more about Audience Insights here

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