Using this ONE word BOOSTED our CONVERSIONS by 40%....

Think about how many ads you see in a day for webinars…
It’s a lot right? If your News Feed is anything like mine, you probably see ads constantly for…


And for good reason. Webinars are incredibly effective when you get in front of the right people.

But they can also be expensive to promote. If you’ve tried running ads for a webinar to a COLD audience (people that don’t know you) you probably noticed your cost was much higher than your regular lead magnet or freebie (whatever you want to call it).

And that makes sense — someone has to take an hour or 90 minutes out of their day to watch your webinar. They have no idea who you are or if your content is any good. There’s a much bigger commitment there than downloading a checklist or PDF.

It also doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Webinar. It sounds sooooo boring.

So we decided to replace ‘webinar’ with something different to see if we could make it sound a little more exciting. And let’s be honest, there are some pretty awesome webinars out there that definitely aren’t boring.

And here’s what we found… When we used the word WORKSHOP instead of WEBINAR our cost dropped and our conversions jumped by up to 40%.

We also tried replacing workshop for things like: Free 3 Part Guide, Free Training, Free 3 Part Video Series and you know what…

It worked for those too.

Here’s why I think it works:
1. Things like FREE Webinar and FREE Training have been used so much that people are just tired of seeing it. 
2. When I think of a workshop - the first word that pops up into my head is ‘interactive.’ If I go to a workshop, I know I’m going to have the opportunity to really dive in and work on my business. So it has a better ring than ‘webinar.’

So there you go…

The next time you’re promoting a free training or webinar, try calling it a workshop and see if it helps with your conversions.

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