Things to look out for when hiring a Facebook Ads Manager

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about her experience with Facebook Ads. The story goes...she hired someone to help build her page and promote her upcoming webinar. They promised her likes and emails for pennies a piece. She could have thousands of new fans and add hundreds of new people to her email list for almost nothing. It sounded like an awesome deal so she signed up. What she ended up with was a Facebook page full of spam bots, junk accounts and people that would never really buy from her. Sure she has over 10,000 fans, but maybe 2,000 of those are actually interested in what she has say. She also ended up with a few hundred people on her email list that are never going to buy from her. It was a total waste of money.

It's not the first time I've heard a story like this. So how do you know you're hiring the right person to help with your campaign? Here are a few things to look out for:

Promising likes or emails for pennies

It sounds great and awesome- who doesn’t want to get 1,000 emails to their list for $0.05 a pop? Heck yeah!

But be careful- you’re getting what you pay for. Of course, some campaigns perform better than others and the main goal is to get the cost down. But there are SO many factors that contribute to the cost- industry/market, location, type of campaign, the offer, etc.

Another issue is some advertisers like to target countries, like India, to help get the cost down. They are notorious for spam bots and fake accounts. It’s a total waste of time and money.

They go on and on about Reach…

Reach is probably the least important metric when it comes to running ads. Yeah it’s cool if you’re reaching 1,000,000 people, but if they’re not taking action, like clicking your ad or signing up for your free offer, what’s the point?

It all comes down to your cost per action. That’s the key metric and it’s the only one you really need to worry about.

They aren’t using Power Editor

If they aren’t using Power Editor to set up ads, don’t even bother. It’s already a crowded market out there, and advertisers that use Power Editor have more options than those that don’t. So if they aren’t using Power Editor, their ads are going to fall short.

They don’t have a followup plan for lost buyers

Most people that click aren’t going to buy right away. Doesn’t mean they won’t buy eventually, but you need to be consistent in your marketing and stay in front of your customers.

You wouldn’t send out one email to your list and then be done, would you? I hope not! You need to have a followup plan in place to bring back those lost customers to encourage them to buy from you.

So make sure they have a plan to bring them back.

They don’t provide reporting for your ads

I would assume most Facebook marketers would provide some kind of report to their clients, but it’s not always the case. Even if you aren’t clear on what the numbers mean, ask them to explain. You want to have a clear understanding of how your ads are performing. There's a lot to be learned from those numbers so really pay attention to what's working and who's clicking on your ads.

They can’t give you an estimate or budget for your campaign 

If they’ve ran more than a few campaigns, they should have a general idea of what you can expect to pay. Sometimes you pay more, sometimes less, but there’s always a ball park. They should also base your budget off of your end goal- signups, clicks or sales.

Investing in Facebook Advertising can pay off HUGE for your business, but it is a investment. And you want to make sure it’s done the right way.

Did I miss anything? Leave your question below!