Write Headlines That Will Skyrocket Your Conversions

Ever wondered why your ads aren't the attention you want? It’s not your images, bidding option or even your targeting. 

It’s your copy. 

You can create new images and adjust your bidding options to help drive the cost down. But if your copy doesn’t speak to your target market, your ads won’t convert. Or worse, you end up with a list of people that aren't in your target market.

So how do you write killer copy for your ads?

When you're scrolling through Facebook and an ad pops up- what's the first thing you think? Probably something like, "what's in it for me?"

Because I really want to watch this cute puppy video that just popped up so why should I click on your ad instead?

When you're writing ad copy, you want to be really clear on the problem you solve, how you solve it and why it's worth it for me to click on your ad.

You've got a lot of competition and not a lot of time to get your point across.

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Listen to your target market.

What words do they use? If you listen to enough people, you will start hear the same phrases or keywords. Here are a few examples of things I hear almost every day...

"I'm tired of wasting money on ads that don't work."

"I'm totally overwhelmed at the thought of learning how to do FB Ads. It seems so complicated."

"I know FB Ads could help my business, but I just don't have the time to learn how to do it myself."

And you know what? That makes for some pretty great ad copy. See what I mean...

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.46.10 PM
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.46.10 PM

So pay attention to what your audience is saying. Writing effective ad copy can really be that simple.

What’s their #1 problem? 

Get their attention by calling out their big problem (this also usually makes for a great headline.)

Do you dread making sales calls?

Do you feel your stomach drop anytime you have to talk in front of an audience?

Are you tired of wasting money on Facebook Ads?

Asking a question is a great way to start engaging your audience. And you can call out who your offer is for so you're only attracting the right people.

And how do you solve it? 

Are you going to give them an exact script they can use the next time they get on the phone so they feel more confident and ready to make those sales calls?

Or maybe you’re going to share a technique that helps to calm nerves so they can get on stage and speak with confidence and authority.

Or even a step-by-step system that will show them exactly how to set up their ads so they are actually making money from their ads.

You have to give them a solution to their big problem so they want to click through to your offer. Don't just call out their problem, make sure you have the solution to solve it.

Sell the benefits, not the features. 

We all get excited that our program has 7 modules, 15 pdfs, a workbook and 5 videos. And it’s our step-by-step system for creating this... or our blueprint for achieving that....

These are the features of our program. We put a lot of work into our program and want our customers to see the value.

But our customers don’t really care how many modules, pdf’s, or workbooks, they want to hear about the results they can expect.

So what are they going to get out of it?

Are they going to feel more confident, close more sales, make more money? Let them know.

Use the words “so that” to drive home the benefits…

This is a great little trick that helps to drive home the benefit of your offer.

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