The 6 Biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes

Ads not working the way you want? You might be making one these 6 mistakes:

#1: No clear call to action

Tell them exactly what you want them to do- like your page, sign up for the webinar, click to read more- include those exact words in your ad copy.

I know it may seem obvious want you want them to do, but you need to be clear or people will keep scrolling.

#2: Boring Image

Your image is the first thing that most people will see. The worst thing you can do is pick the first stock image you think might work and stop there. Pick out a few images that you think will stand out and test them.

#3: Target market is too big (or just totally off)

Your product or offer isn’t for everyone so you don’t need to target 1,000,000 people with your ad. Keep it below 500,000. And break up your targeting groups so you know what groups are responding to your ads.

#4 Boring Headline and Ad Copy

You need to grab their attention with the headline. And then clearly state what they’re going to get if they click through. So you need to be really clear on why your target market needs what you’re offering and how you can solve that problem.

#5 Landing page that isn’t consistent with ads

It needs to have the same call to action, copy and feel of your ads. You want people to know they’re in the right place so they feel comfortable giving their email to you. It’s also one of the first interactions they will have with you and your business and you want to set a good impression.

#6 Not tracking your results

I know the first time I pulled up the Facebook Ad Reports I immediately closed out of it and started working on something else. There were entirely too many numbers and metrics for my brain to handle at that point. But here’s the thing…you don’t need to spend a ton of time creating detailed reports. The #1 metric you want to pay attention to is your cost per conversion. If it’s too high- stop the ad.

And don’t forget to set up your conversion pixels and check in on your ads regularly.

Take some time and study other ads in your newsfeed. What makes you want to click and what ads do you just ignore?

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