How to Create Crazy Effective Retargeting Audiences on a Budget

Let's talk about re-targeting. It’s one of those buzzwords that floats around in Facebook tutorials and blog posts. Everyone wants to know how they can use re-targeting ads on Facebook. 

The problem is, you need time and a decent budget to build your e-mail list and website traffic to a point where you have a custom audience that's large enough to retarget.

Even if you already have a large email list, Facebook will only be able to match up about 50%-75% of those emails to actual Facebook users. 

So what do you do? Wait until your email list is big enough and you have enough traffic? 

Nope. Nobody has time for that. 

I’m going to show you how you can create a successful retargeting campaign even if you’re just getting started and have a small budget. 

Let’s dive in…

A few weeks ago Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows you to create custom audiences from people that engage with your content on Facebook. Before Facebook would create a custom audience for each video, but now they’ve taken that a step further allowing you to create ONE audience from EVERY video you publish to Facebook. 

So if you post a lot of videos or you've been doing a lot of Facebook Live videos you’re in luck. 

Facebook loves video. You can easily rack up a few hundred to a few thousand views on a video. And if you promote that video you can reach even more people for a fraction of the cost.

And now you can take all of the video views and create a crazy, effective re-targeting campaign. 

If you don’t do a lot of video — don’t worry. I’ve got you covered so keep reading. 

So how does it work?

1. Head over to Ads Manager and select Audiences from the drop down menu. 

2.  Select Create Audience and then Custom Audience just like you normally would. 

3. This is where it gets fun… select Engagement on Facebook.

4. Select Video (you can also create these audiences straight from your Lead Gen Ads).


5. You have the option to create an audience based on how much of your video someone watched. 

Something to keep in mind — a view is anyone that watched 3 seconds of your video. But if someone only watched 3 or 10 seconds of the video - I’m guessing they weren’t that interested in it. 

I usually create audiences based on people that viewed at least 25% or 50% of the video (just depending on how long the videos are). 

6. Now we get to select the videos we want to include in our audience. If you’ve done a lot of videos you could really get creative here. Just go through and check the boxes next to the videos you want to include. 

You could create an audience based on anyone that’s watched any of your videos. 

Or you could break your videos into topics and create specific audiences based on the topic of the videos. 

It just depends how many videos you have and how many average views your videos get. 

7. You can include anyone that’s watched your video in the last year. Or if you only want to target people in the last 180, 90 or 30 days you can do that, too. 

8. Name your audience and you’re set! 

Even if you've only have a few videos, you could easily have an audience of at least a few thousand people. 

And Voila! Now you have a new group to re-target with your ads. 

So do they work? 

I’m going to be totally honest here — I was more than a little skeptical when we first started testing them. I didn’t think they would perform as well as an email list custom audience or WCA.

All they did is watch part of a video so how interested are they really?

Not only are they interested, but they’re converting. And sometimes at a lower cost than the other custom audiences. 

Even better? You can also use your new custom audience to create lookalike audiences. 

And let me tell you, the lookalike audiences we’ve created from the video views have performed like crazy. 

This is hands down one of my new favorite ways to target cold traffic.

So what if you don’t have a lot of videos or you don’t really like doing videos? 

You've got 2 options: 

1. Start creating some videos and promote them on FB. You'll be able to build up your audience in no time and you won't have to spend a lot. We’re talking $0.02 a video view - crazy cheap. 

2. Use the new SlideShow ads. It counts as a video so now you can create custom audiences from the people that see your ads. 

They’re super easy to set up — instead of uploading one image for your ad you can upload up to 7 images. Set the duration for your video and you’re good to go! Here's a quick example we put together: 

Pretty cool, right? 

Ok, you’re turn! Have you tried the new custom audiences? 



Amy Crane3 Comments