How to Create An Opt-in That Converts Fans Into Customers

I’m going to throw some numbers your way. Did you know that 95% of visitors won't buy anything on their first visit to your website BUT....

40% of visitors are willing to give their email in exchange for something of value?

So if you’re sending traffic to your site and no one is buying, it might be time to change up your game plan.

You need to build a relationship with your future customers.

Think about it this way…you walk into a store and someone just throws something at you to buy. They don’t say hello or how are you? They just plop this item in your lap and tell you need it.

Do you buy it? No…they are acting like a total crazy person so you leave.

You can’t just drive traffic to your website and expect people to buy on the first visit. It won’t happen.

But you don’t want them to click away to never return, do you?

You need to offer them something so awesome that they are willing to give you their email in exchange for it.

Before we start brainstorming ideas, let’s keep a few things in mind:

Keep it short- An awesome lead magnet should be a few quick tips that can be consumed in 5 minutes or less.

That’s it. It doesn’t have to be anything long and complicated. So don’t stress out about creating a 10-part video series or a 100 page eBook. You can save that stuff for later.

It needs to solve a problem your audience has. We don't need to solve all of their problems, but one quick tip or strategy that could answer one big question they have.

Now get our your pen and paper and start brainstorming:

What are the 3 questions you get asked the most? What blog posts/videos/webinars have been the most popular? What is your audience struggling with the most?

If you’re still stumped, pop over to Google to see what people need help with. Just type in your niche or industry and then scroll down to ‘Searches Related to…”

These are all the things people are searching for related to your topic. Just keep going until you find something that stands out.

Here's an example of the topics Google pulled with I searched for Facebook Advertising Strategy:

Untitled design (5)
Untitled design (5)

This is how I got the idea for my 5 Facebook Ad Templates that Rock. Check it out here: 


The next step is packaging up your knowledge so you can deliver it to your new subscribers. This is your place to shine so if you’re a great writer, create an awesome PDF. If you love to do video, create a video. It’s totally up to you!

Some of my favorite free offers are templates and swipe files. I LOVE templates and swipe files…they make me happy.

So you could offer:Video/Audio PDF Templates Swipe File Promo code/sale

Once you’ve pulled all that together, it’s time to name your offer. You want to create a strong headline that is going to call out to your audience and let them know that you have something to help them.

Here are a few examples:

10 Simple Tips to Becoming a More Confident Public Speaker 5 Facebook Ad Templates that Rock 5 Sales Conversation Templates to help you close your next sale with more confidence

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can share with you when you’re creating a free offer is...don’t fall in love with the first one.

Make sure you test it out to see if this is something your audience wants. If it works, awesome! If it does okay, you can tweak and make it better. And if it bombs, no worries. Just move on to the next idea and test it out.

But whatever you do, don’t waste your time and money trying to build your list with a lead magnet that isn’t converting.

I know I tested a few before I landed on my 5 Facebook Ad Templates that Rock and I’m glad I did. So don’t get discouraged if your first offer doesn’t work the way you want…your big idea is out there!