Facebook Advertising Strategies that NEED to be a part of your Holiday Marketing Plan

Back in my retail days the holiday season brought on three things...

  1. Excitement to pull out the decorations and displays for all the new holiday merchandise. Planning parties and customer events.This was the fun part.
  2. Then the overwhelm kicked in. Now I had to promote these events and sales so people actually showed up. I needed to figure out my marketing and advertising strategy. On top of doing everything else that goes into running a retail business.
  3. And then there’s the stress of hitting all your numbers. In retail, the holiday season can make or break your whole year. You’ve got a store full of inventory you need to move and overhead to cover.

You know…no pressure or anything.

The first customer event I planned- no one showed up. My mom and 2 friends that I bribed with cheese and wine don’t count. Talk about embarrassing. This was before I started using Facebook to market my business. At this point the only way to reach my customers was through email. And you know how that goes…maybe 20%-30% of your list actually opens your emails.

Once I started using Facebook everything changed. The next few events were full of customers. They told their friends. They bought gifts. And sales were up. And the best part is…I was able to take those same strategies when I created Social Lab Marketing. Whether you’re a product based business or a coach/consultant, you can use FB Ads to finish the year strong.

Here’s what you need to know:

Advertising cost can start to creep up in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year advertisers reported spending double or triple during this same time last year.

But there are a few things you can do to keep your cost low:

1. Focus on the people that already know you. This could be your email list, visitors to your website or your Facebook Fans.

Ideally, you’ve been engaging with these awesome people over the last year. They’ve been reading your posts, checking out your website and maybe they’ve already bought something from you. This is where you want to spend your money. They already know you. They’re familiar with your product. And they’re more likely to buy.

2. Give your audience what they want with the new carousel ads.

Why create 1 ad that only features 1 product when you can create a carousel ad and feature up to 5 of your products? Each images links to it’s own URL so you can send users to specific product or sales pages.

Carousel Ad 1
Carousel Ad 1

You can use it to: - Feature your latest products - Showcase a roundup of your latest blog posts - Build your list or promote an upcoming webinar.

3. Use Promoted Posts to stay in front of your audience.

I know promoted posts get a bad rap, but they can be super effective when you use them the right way. You already know most of your fans aren’t going to see your posts. So it’s worth it to promote those posts to your fans, list and website visitors. I like to think of them as friendly reminders. I always put up a promoted post before a webinar or when I have a new blog post to share.

So if you have an event, sale or promotion coming up and you want to make sure your fans see it- promote it! :-)

Promoted Posts
Promoted Posts

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