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How to Use The NEW Conversion Pixel to Create High Converting Ad Campaigns

Facebook is making things a little easier on marketers by combining Conversion Pixels and WCA pixels into one super powerful pixel. And if you’re not using pixels as part of your advertising strategy I can almost guarantee that you’re paying more per conversion and your ads aren’t as effective as they could be. I'm going to walk you through how to set up + use the new conversion tracking pixel...

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Boost Conversions and Keep Your Cost Low with the Right Ad Type

You’ve got your copy, images and targeting ready to go. Now you just need to create your ad. But do you know which ad type you should be using? Picking the right ad objective is crucial to running an effective campaign. 

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10 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences

According to a recent study by Facebook, combining Facebook Ads + Email led to a 22% increase in likelihood to purchase. We're all busy. We don't have time to check and read through every email that comes into our inbox. But we always find a little time to check in on Facebook (the average user logs in 4 times a day).

So if you're not using Custom Audiences on Facebook, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to stay in front of your current customers + follow up with lost buyers.

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Facebook Ad Templates that ROCK...

Here’s the truth about Facebook Ads…you can have your targeting nailed down, your bidding set where you want it, and a daily budget that would make most jealous. But if your ad doesn’t standout, grab attention and basically scream “I’m awesome. You have to click me!” none of that other stuff will matter.

There’s so much competition on Facebook these days. We're bombarded with ads for free trainings, new webinars, PDFs and it’s tough to really set yourself apart.

So how do you create an ad that really stands out?

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