6 Reasons Why Your Offer Isn't Converting on Facebook

Ah, list building. One of my favorite topics. It's important. You know you need to do it.

But if you plan on running ads to build your list, there are a few things you need to know about creating an effective lead magnet.

Having a solid lead magnet is the first step to running a successful ad campaign. Because if your lead magnet isn't over the top awesome, your ads aren't going to work.

So let's get real about why your lead magnet might not convert....

1.You didn't do your research. 

You need to have conversations- with your clients, potential clients, really anyone that might be in your target market.

Listen to what they say. And they will tell you exactly what they want from you.

I always hear the same things almost daily:

I'm tired of wasting money on Facebook Ads that don't work.

OR I have no idea what I'm doing and I don't know how to create effective ad campaigns.

I'm guessing you hear the same 2 or 3 things over and over. So what are they?

2. You're not giving your audience what they want.

Sure, you know what they need, but that probably isn't what they actually want.

So you've got to give them what they want, so you give them what they need. Make sense?

Let's say I want to lose weight. You know I probably need to change my diet and maybe work out more. 

The last thing I want to hear is that I can't have french fries. And that I need to spend an hour on the treadmill. No way am I signing up for that.

But if you tell me you have 20 Healthy Recipes that I can make in 20 minutes or less you might pique my interest. 

Or a series of workouts that I can knock out in 20 minutes. Now we're talking...

3. It's too long or complicated.

Think of your lead magnet like getting the phone number of someone you want to go out with. You're not going to bombard them with a 500 word text right off the bat are you?

No. You say hi. And something short and sweet.

This is your introduction. They don't know you yet. And chances are they aren't going to sit and watch four 45 minute videos you put together.

Pick one problem you can solve or a few quick tips you can share. But keep it short. Your reader should be able to consume it in 5-10 minutes. That's it.

This is why swipe files, checklists, and PDF's work so well. They're short, easy to save for future reference and they don't take forever to read.

4. Don't be boring. 

I know it's hard coming up with a good idea. But let me tell you... I'm on Facebook all day, every day and most of the lead magnets I see aren't anything special. Or they're really generic.

The worst thing you can do is copy what someone else is doing. You need to find a way to stand out.

It's competitive out there. And your ads aren't going to be effective if your lead magnet doesn't catch the eye of your audience.

5. Deliver on what you promise. 

This is a big pet peeve of mine. It drives me crazy when I sign up for a what seems like a really cool free offer. And it turns out to be super lame. I know you know what I'm talking about.

If you're making big promises you better deliver. This is your first impression. And you don't want your first impression to be a bad one.

6. Test your offer before you fall in love with it. 

Before you throw all of your time, energy and money behind a lead magnet- you need to test it out first. Make sure it's something people really want.

And chances are, you'll need to test out more than one before you find that one awesome lead magnet that converts like crazy.

I had to test 3 before I found one that worked.

So don't be scared to put it out there and see what you get. If it doesn't work, no big deal. Just come up with an even more awesome idea.

BONUSE:  Have a followup plan.

It seems obvious, but even I totally dropped the ball on this one. I was just excited to get people on my list and I didn't even think about what I would do after they signed up.

Duh, Amy.

But I figured it out. And let me tell you, it's much easier if you have a plan from the get go.

So think about how you want to communicate and engage with your audience. You could do webinars, start a Facebook group, or make quick how-to videos. Pick what works for you and run with it. 

But whatever you do... don't give up if your first ad or lead magnet doesn't perform the way you want. It's a process. And it takes a little testing to get the right combination down. 

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