Social Lab Marketing was founded with the mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs make sense of the constantly changing rules, buzz words, and hype around Facebook Advertising and Online Marketing.

I know it’s confusing. There are so many options and different parts of your business you need to build up. Where do you even start?

But the good news is… you can do it. You can absolutely create the business of your dreams. So you can live the life you want and more importantly, bring your big idea to more people.

So here’s my story…

A few years ago, I had a dream of opening a high end women’s clothing store. I found a great location, stocked the store with the best lines, and I was off and running. Business was great.

 Amy Crane | Founder, Social Lab Marketing

Amy Crane | Founder, Social Lab Marketing

Until 6 months later when the economy tanked. We’re talking worst year in retail since the depression- tanked.

To say I was freaking out would be an understatement.

And on top of that, I was frustrated. Because I had been doing all the traditional marketing stuff they tell you to do. I advertised in high end magazines, popular websites, you name it and I tried it.

But I was never really sure if it was working. Sure I would get a person here or there mentioning my ad, but I really had no idea how many people actually saw it.

Did they stop to read it? Did they check out my website? Did they just ignore it?

I felt like I was just throwing money away.

I had heard all the buzz around Facebook Advertising and how to market your business online, but I didn’t know where to start and I definitely had no idea what I was doing.

But I knew I had to try something. And I couldn’t keep spending money on expensive advertising that just wasn’t working.

I read every blog and article I could find. I figured out what worked and what didn’t. And eventually, I figured out how to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic not only to my website, but to get people in my store. I was able to connect with my customers in a way that I was never able to before.

I knew I was onto something when I spent $1000 on one ad and had $30,000 in sales. 

I was hooked.

Armed with the right plan, I saw what Facebook Advertising could do for my business and more importantly, my bottom line.

And it opened my eyes to whole other of way of doing business.

Now, my Team and i work with coaches, consultants, and retail businesses to create effective ad campaigns (think 6 and 7 figures).

WE manage over $350K in monthly ad Spend for our clients.

Facebook Advertising is all we do. All day. Every day. And We love it. 

I know it’s a crazy world out there. But you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

So the big question is…are you ready to create the business of your dreams so you can spend less time frustrated, and more time doing the things you want?


Before working with Amy, I wandered in the Facebook wilderness, trying to do ads on my own and then hiring 2 separate companies.  All 3 efforts lacked in stellar results. You can do Facebook ads yourself and get mediocre results or you can hire a professional, who knows the system inside and out, to get results that are worth the money.  A lot of people say they can do paid advertising, but it's both an art and a science.  Amy has mastered both. 

Trajan King
Founder |


Amy Crane is one of the best things that ever happened to my business. I hired a popular Facebook "coach" who worked with me to design and re-target the ads. The cost per conversion was over $15.  OMG.  This isn't rocket science folks!  I KNEW my best customers were on Facebook and I knew I needed to make it work as part of my overall marketing strategy. After following Amy for a few weeks - I knew she was the right one for me.  One of the best investments I ever made was to invest in Amy's expertise.  She is the real deal.  She knows her stuff and promised she could get my conversions down to $1-$2.  Period.  And she did.  She ran a ton of tests, monitored the campaign closely, swapped out little details that produced huge results - and created a lead-generating campaign that has worked consistently for months and is bringing in qualified leads with phone numbers for $1.66 per conversion!  I spent almost $1,000 before I found Amy and ended up with about 65 leads.  Now I run my campaign for a few days each month, and have more leads than I can handle.  Crazy, but true.  If you are serious about Facebook advertising - save your money and hire Amy.  You will be glad you did!

Laurie Wann
CEO | 


I recently hired Amy Crane to create and manage a Facebook ad campaign for my weekly "Master the Art of Authentic Selling" webinar series. It has been one of the best investments I could ever make in my business! It freed up a whole bunch of time for me, filled the webinar very quickly with hundreds of people. She also helped me find the right webinar platform and lead capture program and walked me through it step-by-step, shortening a learning curve that would have taken weeks. She made herself available to go over things when I needed to, and responded to my emails very quickly. The greatest thing about working with Amy, however, is that not only does she explain the technology stuff with such ease that almost anyone could understand it, but she paid close attention to the performance of my ads, so I was getting the most out of them for my money. When the ad performance slowed down a little, and sign ups start to drop, she would just hop in there and take care of it for me, and send me an email, "your ads slowed a little bit, so I changed __ and your sign-ups have again increased." It was so nice to not have to think about it, putting the advertising in the hands of someone who is highly skilled and completely trustworthy. I look forward to working with Amy for many years to come, and I am sure you will too.

Melanie Patterson
Business Strategist and Coach | 


Working with Amy Crane and Social Lab Marketing is one of the best business decisions I've made. If you've been in business for some time, you know that it's very difficult to find reliable, efficient, and effective people to help you grow your business. Amy Crane and Social Lab Marketing is the real deal. I'm beyond excited for the Facebook ads that are rapidly growing my list, and above all, I can rest easy knowing Amy is going to only give me the most quality service. I can trust her with my business decisions and I know my money is begin well spent. If you are looking to grow your business, I highly recommend Social Lab Marketing as your next step.

McKenzie Zajonc


My FB Ads for my upcoming webinar weren’t performing as well as I would like. The webinar was coming up fast and something needed to change ASAP. 

I just got off an hour call with Amy Crane and the insights she gave me for targeting ads, creating audiences, and the different ad types was mind blowing. 

This is the best money I’ve spent thus far in my business (besides my business coach, of course). 

Meaghan Maydel
Owner |