The Types of Images You Should be Using for Your Ads


I decided to run a little experiment last week. I wanted to see what images really work and which ones you should be using in your ads. So I decided to test a few things... Do images of happy women really get more clicks? Do certain colors stand out more? Does adding a call to… Read More

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What to do when your ads don’t work…

Why aren't my ads

It’s annoying isn’t it? You upload your ads and they just sit there. No action, no conversions and before you know it your whole budget is gone. It’s also really frustrating because you put so much time and money into creating your ads and it isn’t always clear why they aren’t working. Before you give… Read More

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Getting Started with Webinars

Getting Started with Webinars

It's no secret I heart webinars. I host one every Tuesday just so I can hang out with other awesome biz owners and talk about the latest and greatest in FB Advertising + Online Marketing. Get on the list here. So if you’ve been thinking about doing your own webinar but you’re not sure how… Read More

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How to Get Started with Facebook Ads for $5 a Day

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I got an email from a reader last week and realized it’s a question I think a lot of people have.(You know I love getting emails so keep them coming!) Here’s what Jennifer asked: "Can I really spend $5 a day on FB and actually see a return on it? I'm just getting started and… Read More

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What to do if your FB Ad Account is Disabled

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This seems to be an issue I’m hearing more and more about. And at first, I just assumed that if your ad account was disabled, you were doing something you shouldn’t be doing. (But you know what they say about assuming…) So that’s what I thought until it happened to one of my clients. We… Read More

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