Everyone knows sales are the lifeline of your business. And, if you aren’t constantly generating new leads, your business is in trouble.

But so many businesses shy away from using Facebook Advertising. They are afraid they’ll lose money, afraid that they won’t be able to understand how to set up their campaigns or track their results, or afraid that they will end up doing it all wrong.

So if you’re not using Facebook Advertising, and using it the RIGHT WAY, you could literally be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

We're here to change that...


teach yourself

You want to learn how to do Facebook Ads on your own, but you don't want to waste a lot of time figuring it out. We don't think it should take 6 weeks to learn how to run FB Ads. That's why we created FB Ads in a WKND. 


Done for you

You're busy. We get it. Let us handle your Facebook Advertising Campaigns for you. We can turn your ads into lead generating, money making machines. All you have to do is sit back and watch the new leads roll in.  



Whether you’re getting started with your business and need to build your list, or you’re ready to launch your newest product, we can work together one-on-one to create the perfect plan for you and your business.

Ready to create lead generating, money making FB Ads?

This LIVE class is unlike any other Facebook Ad Training out there. It's not a 6 week program because we don't think it should take that long to learn how to use Facebook Ads. And it's not a bunch of boring tutorial videos you have to sit through and hope the same process works for you. 

We're going to knock it out in a weekend. Boom. Done.  

We'll skip over the stuff you don’t need to know and focus on the key pieces you need in place to create a rocking (and lead generating, money making) Facebook Campaign.

And the really cool part…I’m actually doing it with you! That’s right. I’ll be setting up and creating ads so you can follow along and see exactly what I’m doing. All in real time. With instant feedback and guidance.

Become a Facebook Advertising Pro 

Do you want to run your own Facebook Ad Campaigns instead of having someone else do it for you, but you’ve got questions? This group is for people that are serious about their Facebook Ad Campaigns and want to connect with other FB Ad Badasses to create the most killer campaigns around. Sound like you? We're opening the door to a limited number of people in late February. 

Let us do it for you...

We work with an exclusive group of 6 and 7 figure business owners to help them launch their courses or programs, scale their ad campaigns and streamline their evergreen funnels. We've worked on 75+ launches and manage over $350k in ad spend each month for our clients.

If you’re ready to rock your next launch with Facebook Ads let's chat!